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Bridal Jewelry Pandora Empty The Vault John Hardy Old Gold Out With The Old Goldman Kolber


Your Bridal Jewelry specialist. Are you classic or casual? Pearls or rhinestones? Let the experts at Lauray's help to make your special day a truly memorable experience.


PANDORA is a universe of fine jewelry and watches that can be mixed and matched to create a variety of looks. Explore our range, create combinations that reflect your personality and express the genuine you.

Emptying the Vault

OK - All that old stuff in the back.  Get out here and have your price reduced!

John Hardy

John Hardy is a luxury brand of handmade designer jewelry that reflects a synergy of designer and artisan to create objects of beauty in an environment of respect for people and for the natural world."

Out With The Old... 

... and in with all the new stuff we'll be bringing from the world's largest jewelry market.

We Buy Gold

We pay top dollar for diamonds, jewelry, Rolex watches and GOLD.

Goldman Kolber

The mission of Goldman Kolber is to design, create, and manufacture the most versatile and innovative Fine Jewelry available anywhere, to stay committed to the majestic ancestry of making precious jewelry that is beautiful forever, and ready to wear every day, anytime.

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Welcome to Lauray's

Since our store first opened in 19xx, Lauray's has always been committed to one goal - providing you with the very best in affordable jewelry and luxury gifts.  Located in the historic downtown district of Hot Springs, Arkansas, you'll find Lauray's to feature the very best in craftsmanship, beauty and affordability.

We're dedicated to the concept and the fulfillment of giving what people have come to expect from us:  The very best in jewelry and luxury gifts.  Visit us today and you'll see for yourself how we've made elegance, luxury and beauty affordable for over sixty years.

Whether your jewelry is current, antique, old or used, it can still be fashionable today.  Jewelry with a past - aka, estate jewelry - is not just about being antique, old and used.  it's about the past and the present coming together in a unique fashion statement.  It can begin with Grandma's old ring, or an idea in your head - your jewelry may yet to be created.  Maybe you've seen something you liked - only wished it were just a bit different.  Maybe you'd prefer something that only you have - a custom-designed and manufactured style which reflects only your tastes and the jeweler's talent.

Designer jewelry may be an entire line of jewelry which is created by one artist and marketed in a jewelry store.  Custom designed jewelry is that one-of-a-kind piece which cannot be duplicated for anyone else.  Not every jeweler has equal ability to sketch these ideas for you - or a craftsman who can manufacture a custom piece - but speaking to a jeweler who has a custome design service, like Lauray's, is the best place to get started.  The future is now!

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